Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry to be such a tease....

but I just can't help myself. As a demo we get so many perks, one of which is sneak peaks and exclusive merchandise. For the longest time I have wanted a craft tote, but never found one that was just right. Well, along comes a demo order and here is the bag I snagged...isn't it pretty??? It is extra large, see it holds a 12 x 12 craft keeper and still has room for punches, paper and so much more!

Why am I showing you this, when you can't have it? Well...YOU CAN! Sign up today, and you too can order your very own craft tote! Don't delay...head on over to my demosite HERE, enter the password wheeles08 and you too can start your career with Stampin Up! Great friends, great product, and the potential to earn as you play!!!

I would love to meet with you if you are local, or if you live in Vancouver or Halifax...you can still join my team! Let's start a "Cross Canada" group...and get a demo in every province!

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