Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little birdie told me...

A new club is forming!!! Let's get together for a regular night of crafting and creating. Earn some free product, have fun, learn some new tips and techniques, and best of all...I DO ALL THE WORK! You don't even need to clean your house, because we will meet at my house...the month you are the hostess, bring a simple treat, some extra friends, and we will laugh and create at my house.

Now, on to the cards for today. At convention, which one of these years I will get to, they showed these really cute little gift card sets. All you do is take a small open ended envelope (pg 171, $9.50 for 20) and seal it up. Then along the top edge, slice off a very tiny strip of the envelope. Fold it in half, add some ribbon and trim, and you have a cute little package to leave on someones desk, or to tuck in your purse when you need a little thank you card. We used the extra large bird punch, but check in later this week to see a set made with the owl punch.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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