Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday WOW!

Welcome to Wednesday...only 2 more sleeps till the weekend. Weekends for us are what we look forward to especially this time of year. We have a little tin can (trailer) at a lovely park in Sauble Beach. Without a doubt, and the internet will attest, this is the best stretch of beach in Ontario. We love it there. We have a peaceful spot of heaven, and can relax and unwind as soon as we hit the road. Even though rain is predicted, for once, it sounds like we will have a warm weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

At our Spring Fling event, in fact all the events Alicia plans, there are getting to know you gifts. As you enter, we always get a special treat, along with someone's name and we need to find our new (or old) friend, ask some questions, then give her the gift. At the same time, someone is looking for me to give me my gift! This time we all received one of the little treat boxes from the mini. On top is a flower made with velum paper. Punch out 6 or 7 layers, using basically whatever punch you have. Seriously...any punch will do. Experiment, as each punch will give you a different look. Stack them up, stick a brad through, spritz them with water, add a little colour with marker, and scrunch them up. As the water dries, they turn quite hard, and in real life, look amazing.

Give them a try...paper, velum, designer paper, the sky is the limit!

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