Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

This weekend has been so cold and windy and rainy. I lit the fireplace last night to try and take the chill out of the air. For my loyal readers, you will know that every year my sister and I are involved in a Rhubarb Festival. This is held the second week of June in a little town called Shedden. Well, this morning Michele and her hubby Brian came over and we picked a PICK-UP truck full of rhubarb. Believe me, I am not fibbing, and entire pickup truck full!!! Now I am headed off to their house to chop and bag in preparation of our salsa, and pie making adventures. More to come on that in the weeks to come.

I made more tag cards for the Mom's in my life. I am loving this design and the wow factor it offers when they are opened.

Whatever plans you have for today, I hope they are filled with love, joy and happiness.

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Barb said...

Great cards Rebecca ....I LOVED the ones Jen made at your house :)

Hope you had a great Mom's Day !