Thursday, October 30, 2008

It looks alot like Christmas

WOW..what a storm yesterday...tons of snow and lots of tree damage. I always find it amazing how a storm such as this can create such beauty, the trees laden down with snow, sun brushing the tips...beautiful. However, the weight of the leaves and the heavy snow caused a tremendous amount of damage in our area. The chainsaws and cleanup crews are working overtime.

On a happy is going to be 16 for the trick or treaters balmy night will bring lots of little ones out!

I have been remiss in not sharing projects from our Create for a Cure. Lovely as a Tree is such a great set for all year! I have made Christmas cards, birthday, name the occasion, and this set will fit the bill. I created a mask using the coluzzle, we sponged the background, then over stamped with the trees. After removing the mask we added another tree. There is tons of glitter...and the burgundy and kiwi kiss are great colours for the festive season.

The snowman was totally inspired by Dawn Griffiths. She has amazing videos on her site so be sure to check it out. I turned her card into a Snowman Soup bag. The white bag is from Michaels and contains a hot choc mix, some mini marshmallows and a candy cane for stirring. The ladies loved this little guy and he is so versatile.

Enjoy your new Big Shot finally arrived last night, but as excited as I was to get him, I was too pooped to play...but once I am home from work tonight I have a date with my new toy!

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