Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanks for your support...1st Annual Create for a deemed a success

Just a quick note of thanks to Lisa, and to all of our friends who attended our first annual Create for a Cure. We also owe a huge thank you to our sponsors: TDCanadaTrust, Forest City Concrete Finishing Ltd, and Stampin Up. With their generous support we had a wonderful prize table, where everyone got a gift and we gave away a Big Shot! What a day. Here are just a few pictures, we were so busy we forgot to get our camaras out.
I also just realized, I need to take pictures of the projects...oh is jammie time now...those pictures will wait till tomorrow!

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Lisa Burns said...

Thank goodness YOU remembered to take a few pictures!! Can I borrow your pictures for my Blog :o) lol!!!

Rebecca - I had a great time planning & running this event with you! I can't wait to start planning our next fundraiser!